Course weekend: (13) 14 & 15th of November 2020

Good News: Due to corona, our workshopweekend of April is rescheduled to 13-15th november | Registration has started!

Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during the annual spring weekend of Stichting Draailier and Doedelzak (the Dutch Hurdy-Gurdy and Bagpipes Foundation). During this weekend there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player. During the day the courses will be held. In the evening there will be concerts and session. Lack of an instrument is not an excuse, because we have instruments for rent for the beginner groups.

Participants are welcome to arrive on friday 24th of April in the evening. This evening is open for session, talks, a drink and maybe a concert. The courses will start on saturday the 6th at 9.30 and will last untill sunday the 7th 17.00. Saturday evening at 20.00 there will be concerts or ball. Afterwards there will be time for session. Non-participants are also welcome on this evening.

Stay at the location (4-6 person rooms for Saturday/Sunday), the concerts & ball in the evening and breakfast, lunch, diner and coffee and tea during breaks is included in the workshop price.

The Courses

Hurdy-gurdy for (more)advanced players: Efrén López (Esp)
Hurdy-gurdy for (half)advanced players: Etienne Pinoteau (Fr)
Hurdy-gurdy for begunners to half advanced: Michalina Malisz (PL)

Bagpipe for (more)advanced players: Toon van Mierlo (Be)
Bagpipe (half)advanced players: Leana Vapper (Est)
Bagpipe for begunners: Birgit Bornauw (Be)

All instruments - Ensemble: Wouter Vandenabeele (Be)
All instruments - Balfolk: Hartwin Dhoore (Be)
Diatonic accordeon for beginners: Wouter Kuyper (NL)
Diatonic accordeon (in G/C): Benjamin Macke (Fr)
Nyckelharpa: Koen Vanmeerbeek (Be)
Singing course: Rachel Bazoge (fr)

Registration and costs of the weekend

The costs of this course weekend includes the course, all cconcerts, stay at the location (4-6 person rooms for Saturday/Sunday) and breakfast, lunch, diner and coffee and tea during breaks
You can find the costs and the registration form at the registration page

Pictures of the workshopweekend 2019:

Pictures of the evening concerts by Rosalin vd Wal
Pictures of the Workshops by Rosalin vd Wal
video's of the weekend
video's of this weekend in 2018

Hurdy-Gurdy courses

Hurdy-gurdy for (more)advanced players - Efrén López (Esp)

This workshop is aimed to more advanced hurdy gurdy players who wish to expand the possibilities of their instrument, incorporating new repertoires, ornaments, phrasing and rhythmics to the HG's most usual techniques and styles. In order to achieve that, we'll take the HG out of its usual context (Early music, European Folk music...) to "contaminate" it with elements borrowed from other traditions (Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish...) distilling from them interesting tools to enrich our sound, regardless the style of music we usually play.
The tuning(s) used in the workshop will be: chanter strings to G and D, drones to D, C, A, and G, and trompettes to D, A and G.
Efrén López is a well known hurdy-gurdy player and a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso from Valencia, Spain. And he is strongly influence by Catalan and Valencian music. But also by European Medieval music, Greek, Iranian, Turkish traditions. Be challenged by this enthousiastic, energic and very friendly musician.
Listen to Efrén:
Abracadabra - "Mavra froudia"
Hortus deliciarum
the III project - KOPANITSA
El fill del Llop (cd teaser)
ÇaLın DavuLLarı-Sabahın Seherinde (solo op gitaar)
the III project - KOPANITSA
Abracadabra - "Mavra froudia"
Ice Tree
Efrén López / Adrián Perales / Raül Bonell. Studio sessions 2016

Hurdygurdy half advanced to advanced - Etienne Pinoteau (Fr)

Immersed since his childhood in the traditional music of the Centre France, Etienne travelled across France and Europe to share this material in dancing bal (Giddy’up!, Trio Dhoore, Les Piliers de Bal, Trio Pinoteau Tourny, BBB) and on the occasion of courses (music, dance ). Inspired by his musical idols, he develops a percussive and rhythmic way of playing hurdy gurdy, dynamic and nuanced, to transport spectators and dancers. Etienne is an active member of the organization of the Le Son Continu festival
About the Course, Etienne wrote us: "We're going to work on variations, right hand / left hand dissociation and ornamentation on traditional tunes from Berry or elsewhere. Furtermore, we're going to work on the rhythmic accents of dance. We have the possibility to work one or two pieces with three voices, for the pleasure of dancing and ears!"
Listen to Etienne Pinoteau:
Etienne Pinoteau - Palet
Giddy'up - Bal de Noël 2018
Giddy'Up! - Black Lake And 007 Bunny Game
Giddy'Up! - Upton Jail Capriole Drystone
Les Piliers de Bal - Agitation
Les Piliers de Bal - Polka d'El Pipo

Hurdy-gurdy for begunners to half advanced - Michalina Malisz (PL)

Michalina Malisz is a hurdy gurdy player of the biggest folk metal act, Eluveitie. She started her adventure with music at the age of 7, playing the piano at first, then changing to classical flute. She completed 12 years of classical music education and after that she discovered the hurdy gurdy thanks to the band she plays in today.
Michalina’s main interests are metal, Celtic and film music – and incorporating the hurdy gurdy in all of them, which results in her arrangements available on Youtube.
Michalina wrote about her course: "During this course you will learn about developing good right and left hand coordination. We will focus on playing melodies, building up speed and flow. Additionally, we'll take a look at the tremolo technique (fiddling back and forth with the crank) and work on coordination and accuracy necessary to nail this technique. We will work on the material you know from Eluveitie".
Required skills: Please note this workshop is for "begunners to half advanced" players. That means it is for participants who begun alreay study the gurdy, this course is not for beginners. Participants follow for instance our monthly Saturday Course, or follow elsewhere for a year gurdy lessons. They know how to tune their instrument, can learn a new tune and play with the 'chien'.
Listen to Michalina:
Eluveitie - Deathwalker (Live at Graspop Metal Meeting 2019)
Eluveitie - Live at SummerBreeze 2017 (volledig concert)
Eluveitie - Ambiramus
Michalina Malisz - REBIRTH playthrough & tutorial (Eluveitie)
Michalina Malisz - Martyr (cover August Burns Red)

Bagpipe courses

These bagpipe courses are all about the French, Flemish or Low Lands pipes (tuned in g).

Bagpipe for more advanced players - Toon van Mierlo (Be)

Toon van Mierlo is well known for playing in bands like Naragonia, Hot Griselda or Novar. In this workshop for (more) advanced bagpipe players he will focus on technique and ornamentations and their applicability in several styles. He will use some simple melodies to learn more about variation. The difficult part of this workshop won't be the melodies but how to use your ornamentations and how do you let your bagpipe sound the way you like it.
Listen to Toon van Mierlo :
Naragonia - Hellebore / Too late to sleep
Hot Griselda Broken Doll - Sandpipers
Novar - La Bande Des Volcans
Hot Griselda - Live at Studio Trad
Hot Griselda - Roll on, Roll off
Novar - Bourrée 2 temps
Novar - Tom & Jerry
Naragonia Quartet - Lapwings & crossbills
Naragonia Quartet - Naya
Naragonia Quartet - Live at Funambals 2019

Bagpipe for (half)advanced players - Leana Vapper (Est)

Leana will give a workshop for players who are no longer in the beginner stadium and are (half) advanced. She will work on technique and ornamentation and their applicability in several styles. Leana:
"In we will only learn a few melodies (new compositions from the West and Northern-Europe)... But we will focus mainly about playing a melody in a beautifull and interesting way. For instance, we will look at how to play a slow melody at such a way it will be fun to play but also nice to listen to. And how could we play a faster melody at such a manner, you'll be still relaxed and without feeling like you're in a hurry. We focus on different ornamentations and how to use them." Leana Vapper-Dhoore is born and raised on the Estonian Island Saaremaa, where she recently returned with het Flemish husband Hartwin Dhoore. Leana plays Estonian bagpipes (a ‘Torupill’), French bagpipes (Centre G & D), flutes and she is also a singer and composer.
Together with Hartwin Dhoore she founded the band Estbel, a musical mix between his Flemish and her Estonian roots. In 2018 Estbel won the “Kuldne plaat” award for “Beste New Music Act” at the Estonian Music Awards. The band played at big international festivals like Celtic Connections in Scotland, Underneath the stars in England, Kaustinen folk festival in Finland and Linköpings folkmusikfestival in Sweden.
In 2019 she recorderd together with Hartwin Dhoore, as the duo Leana & Hartwin their new album "Kodu". This album is received very well and they received in the same year the Annual Cultural Award of their home island Saaremaa for writing and performing new traditional music.
Listen to Leana Vapper:
Leana & Hartwin - Icewalk
Leana & Hartwin - Väike Tamm
Estbel - Live @ Tallinn Music Week 2017
Estbel @ Treski Küün 2017
Estbel - Live @ Korrö Festivalen Sweden
Estbel - Kosjalaul @ Celtic Connections 2018
Leanna & Hartwin - Lepatriinu Valss (Boombal Festival 2015)
Balsem - EPK

Bagpipe for beginners: Birgit Bornauw (Be)

Always wanted to play the bagpipes? This workshop is especially for people who play already begun playing the bagpipes, but don't have a lot of experience. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover further your journey into the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented.
requirements: Some experience, you play for instance 1 to 8 months
Birgit Bornauw is a wellknown virtuoso bagpipe player form Belgium and she played in groups like Bon Matin, Transpiradansa or Griff. Lately she made a beautiful album "It's Baroque To My Ears" with her Duo Macke-Bornauw. Her talents and modesty make her an exceptional artist and much sought after international lecturer.
Listen to Birgit Bornauw:
It's Baroque To My Ears - The Hole In The Wall
Duo Macke-Bornauw + Marieke Van Ransbeeck - Eklunda polska
Bal à Fives Folk : Bornauw & Macke Folk band
Griff Trio - ASTRAGU (documentaire)
Griff - Visur

Other courses

Nyckelharpa - Koen Vanmeerbeek (Be)

Participants will taken a step further into nyckelharpa playing. During this course participants will examine for instance different playing techniques, styles and your position during playing. Koen will use melodies from Sweden, France, Belgium and new compositions to work on variations, ornamentation and the use of chords.

Koen plays the nyckelharpa since 1999. He followed courses by Didier François, Olov Johansson, Daniel Pettersson and Eléonore Billy. He works as a composer and plays violin and nyckelharpa in the band Esi Nri. Listen to Koen's music:
Esi Nri - Kip & Poolbeer
Esi Nri - Lutrose
muzic project '30 years of Grunge music'
Dr Eugène - Barabas
Dr Eugène - Lichtekooi
intro Haimon (
Zweedse Scottisch

Singing course - Rachel Bazoge (Fr)

This singing workshop is intended for anyone who enjoys singing and wants to learn more about the use of the voice.
We welcome this weekend Rachel Bazoge as a singing teacher. In the past she performed a lot with Benjamin Macke (accoreon teacher during this weekend), she did a lot with classical, with traditional music and works as a clown in a circus. And currently she has a concert program about French Chanson music and related music together with Aurélien Tanghe. She writes to us:
" I like to work with differents methods : all by the ears, or sometimes just with the words, or a score. For discovering many ways to learn. I'm not a « specialist » in traditionnal dance music, but more in polyphonic vocals. I practice a large panel of singing : traditionnal, classical, choir. I enjoy also to work on technical aspect of the voice, and learn of taking care of it! "
. Listen to Rachel Bazoge:
Rachel Bazoge & Aurélien Tanghe - Maman, Papa
Rachel Bazoge & Aurélien Tanghe - Roulotte
Rachel Bazoge & Aurélien Tanghe - La nuit, j'ai fait un rêve
Rachel Bazoge & Aurélien Tanghe - Le chemin des Forains
Duo Bastringue & Rachel Bazoge - live FR3
Duo Bastringue & Rachel Bazoge - Live Gennetines 2008
Du haut des bars - Monsieur H

All instruments: Ensemble - Wouter Vandenabeele (Be)

This workshop is open for all instruments: violins, flutes, percussion, bass, guitars, cellos, accordions, gurdies and all other instruments are welcome. Wouter writes us: "From the dance floors of Brazil, the festivals of the Balkans and the finger splitting sessions of Belgium, South Italy and scandinavia , a tour de force of tunes and entertainment. Collecting the best and the brightest and filling the gaps with original compositions, He guarantees you to make you play folk music in a new and interesting way. Wouter Vandenabeele on violin is an established performer and teacher. He straddle the authentic and the contemporary with a unique flavour. He'll play by ear and work on themes, arrangements and improvisation based on some important aspects of music theory (basic chords, what to play on a chord or mode?). Use of ornamentation, melodies performed in percussive way, melodies in special tonal modes You will get enough input to use in the future, afterwards you can get scores. Every acoustic instrument is welcome! You just have to know your instrument and be able to play melodies fluently. So no beginners. Welcome to play music non-stop during these days!"
Wouter Vandenabeele is a renowned composer and musician for groups such as Ambrozijn, Olla Vogalla and Ghent Folk Violin Project (GFVP).
entry requirements: Players are known with their instrument and are able to pick up tunes by hearing.
Listen to Wouter Vandenabeele:
Olla Vogala - Ecolier assasin
Olla Vogala - Nacho Larme
Wouter Vandenabeele & Sara Salvérius - En attendant 5h22
Wouter Vandenabeele - Chanson du commerce
Tamala - Poulo
Tamala - Xafamaia (VPRO Vrije Geluiden @ TivoliVredenburg Utrecht)
Liqa’ - Parfum De Gitane

All instruments: Playing Balfolk - Hartwin Dhoore (Be)

This workshop is open for all instruments: violins, flutes, percussion, bass, guitars, cellos, accordions, gurdies and all other instruments are welcome. Hartwin Dhoore will settle you for a weekend in the world of swinging folk. Having fun and playing music together is what it's all about. This course is aimed at semi-advanced students who would like to learn to play modern balfolk melodies (scottish, waltz, mazurka) in a group. We mainly focus on melody, tempo and rhythm. If you play multiple instruments (which is fantastic), the teacher asks you to choose 1 instrument to focus on throughout the internship. (Unless you play the bagpipes, for example, Whistles can certainly come in handy. Even if you can take several tunings of an instrument with you, that's welcome). Please state which instrument you are playing when registering. Experienced ball musician? Feel free to write your questions in the workshop form.
With his brothers Koen and Ward, Hartwin played throughout Europe and Canada under the name Trio Dhoore. Hartwin is also regularly seen as a solo artist in the balfolk world. Together with his wife Leana, Hartwin has been playing in the band Estbel since 2013, a musical cross-pollination between his Flemish and her Estonian roots. In 2018, Hartwin published the book "Out of the box" with a hundred of its own melodies. And in the same year, Estbel won the "Kuldne plate" award for "Best newcomer" at the Estonian Music Awards. The band has already played concerts at major international festivals such as Celtic Connections in Scotland, Underneath the stars in England, Kaustinen folk festival in Finland and Linköping's folkmusik festival in Sweden. As a duo Leana & Hartwin they released the album "Kodu" in 2019. entry requirements: Players are known with their instrument and are able to pick up tunes by hearing.
Listen to Hartwin:
Trio Dhoore - Poldervuur (Live Session at Silk Mill Studios UK)
Trio Dhoore - August (live @ De Ververij Ronse)
Estbel - Kosjalaul @ Celtic Connections 2018
Estbel - Peterburi @ Studio Trad Live Sessions
Leana & Hartwin - Väike Tamm (live at Dranouter Centrum)
Leana & Hartwin - Icewalk (acoustic)
Hartwin Dhoore - Live @ Boombal Gent/a>
Hartwin Dhoore - The Wicklowway

Diatonic accordeon - Benjamin Macke (Fr)

In the workshop we're gonna work on groove and funky accompaniments with diatonic accordion (in G/C). We will discover many conventional and unconventional aspects of our instrument. Benjamin writes:
"The search for the right musical atmosphere is what fascinates me in making music. Next to the musical notes and the rhythm of a melody, there is also the sound, the interpretation, the variation, the teamwork .... Starting from varied melodies that are learned by listening in a group We will then take the time to deepen the individual expression. In addition, we will also open our ears to the richness of the harmonic color palette of chord schemes as well as for the rhythmic accompaniment possibilities."

Benjamin Macke is well known accordion player and plays in bands like Shillelagh, Duo Macke-Bornauw or his project about making music to silent movies Collectif Muzikaciné. Listen to Benjamin:
Shillelagh - BALAVIRIS 2015 - La Gavre
Shillelagh - Grand Bal de l'Europe - Gennetines
Bal à Fives Folk : Bornauw & Macke Folk band
It's Baroque To My Ears - The Hole In The Wall
Ciné-concert : Les Trois Lumières - Fritz Lang
Ciné-concert : Bande-Annonce Ciné-concert Odna
Ciné-concert :Teaser la Maîtresse des Ombres
Muzikaciné sur Canal C

Diatonic accordeon for Beginners - Wouter Kuyper (NL)

Always wanted to play the diatonic accordion? This workshop is especially for people who never played the accordion before. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented for 30 euro.
requirements: none, this is a beginners course

Wouter Kuyper plays bagpipe and acordion since he was a kid. His parents took him to a folk festival when he was 10 years old and he fell in love with the music. Soom he started playing pipes and when he was 15, he discoverd the accordion too. He went to a lot of festivals, absorbed the music and the dances. Later he started to organise balfolk evenings in Utrecht with his band Lirio. After his study in biology & geology he became a full time musician. He teaches bagpipes at our monthly course and he teaches accordion at his own Accordion Academy. Besides this, he plays in different bands like 'Wouter en de Draak', BMB Light, Androneda, Laroux and Lirio. Listen to Wouter on Youtube
Lirio - Mazurka voor een mus
Wouter en de Draak - He'pter
Wouter en de Draak - Werkelijk waar
Wouter en de Draak - Gavotte de l'Aven
Wouter en de Draak - Zon op de Glijbaan
BmB - L'Impasse
BmB - Dejeuner sur l'herbe


You are welcome to join us this weekend as a 'guest'. As a guest, you're welcome to stay with us the wole weekend, but you won't participate in the workshops. During the days there are for the guests one or two classrooms avaiable. When the sun is shining, we could go outside to make music in the beautiful woods of Sint-Michielsgestel.
But there is also lot's to do in the neighbourhood: we're in a beautiful forest, so you could walk or cycle through the woods. Pick your walking-route at We're also close to the nice city of Den Bosch, the boat tour underneath the city is great.