Workshopweekend: (13) 14 & 15th of April 2018

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Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during the annual spring weekend of Draailier and Doedelzak. During this weekend there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player. During the day the courses will be held. In the evening there will be concerts and session. Lack of an instrument is not an excuse, because we have instruments for rent for the beginner groups.

Participants are welcome to arrive on friday 13th of April in the evening. This evening is open for session, talks, a drink and maybe a concert. The courses will start on saturday the 14th at 9.30 and will last untill sunday the 15th 17.00. Saturday evening at 20.00 there will be concerts or ball. Afterwards there will be time for session. Non-participants are also welcome on this evening.

Stay at the location (4-6 person rooms for Saturday/Sunday) and breakfast, lunch, diner and coffee and tea during breaks is included in the workshop price.

The Courses

Hurdy-gurdy for (more)advanced players: Nicolas Koch-Simms (Dk)
Hurdy-gurdy for (half)advanced players: Gilles Chabenat (Fr) -FULL-
Hurdy-gurdy for beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL) -FULL-

Bagpipe for (more)advanced players: Boris Trouplin (Fr)
Bagpipe (half)advanced players: Birgit Bornauw (Be) -FULL-
Bagpipe for beginners: Wouter Kuyper (NL)

All instruments - Ensemble: Efren Lopez Sans (Sp)
All instruments - Balfolk: Toon van Mierlo (Be) -FULL-
Diatonic accordeon: Aurelien Claranbaux (Fr)
Nyckelharpa: Didier Francois (Be)
Singing course: La Jupette Barbue (Fr)

Photo's of the workshopweekend 2017:

Pictures of the Evening programme by Rosalin vd Wal
Pictures of the Workshops by Rosalin vd Wal
video's of this weekend

Hurdy-Gurdy courses

Hurdy-gurdy for (more)advanced players - Nicolas Koch-Simms (Dk)

This workshop for more advanced players. This course will focus on the musical and technical aspects of hurdy gurdy playing, including dynamics, phrasing, ornamentation, and right and left-hand articulation (both with and without trompette). Nicolas interesting techniques will most surely give advanced players something to study this weekend! He writes us:
"Music is like language: Through ever-changing themes, rhythms and intonations we communicate and convey our message to our listener. Dive into a vibrant repertoire of modern as well as traditional Scandinavian tunes that will lay the foundation for this workshop. Alternating rhythms and moving accents in patterns of three, four and five ect. will be amongst the technics that in the end will enhance your playing style and help you to communicate with precision and grace through your instrument." Nicolas is a young Danish Hurdygurdy virtuoso. He is thrilled by searching for combinations in traditional, classical or old music.

Listen to the music of Nicolas:
Bordun Laberatorium: During Sommer Bordunale
Virga - i studiet
Virga - Brand
Krydsfelt - live at the Danish National Academy of Music
Krydsfelt - Glasgow reel
Izar Melting Pot Ensemble - The Melting Pot

Hurdy-gurdy for (half)advanced players - Gilles Chabenat (Fr)

This workshop is full. Neew registrations will be put on the waiting list. There are still places available in other workshops.

Chabenat will focus on different technique, styles and ornamentations for the hurdy-gurdy. He will focus on how to let your 'chien' sound interesting. This workshop is for the players who are no longer beginners, who are (half) advanced and want a new challenge.
Born in 1963 at Lignières in Central France, Gilles Chabenat began playing the hurdy-gurdy at 13. He won several music awards and subsequently devoted himself to his region’s traditional repertoire with a desire to branch out into other musical styles. In the wake of Valentin Clastrier, he was one of the pioneers with an electro-acoustic instrument to integrate the hurdy-gurdy into the modern musical experience. He met and worked with a number of artists: Stephan Eicher, Sting, Frédéric Paris, Maarten Decombel, Gabriel Yacoub and Patrick Bouffard. Let him challenge you to go deeper into the way you play on the hurdy-gurdy!
Listen to:
Gilles Chabenat & Didier Francios
Chabenat, Yacoub, Jolivet & Hardouin
Gilles Chabenat & Maarten Decombel
Gilles Chabenat & Evelyne Girardon
• met La Fontaine Troublée
• met Malicorne (concert De Doelen 2014)
• met A Fond (Gilles Chabenat, Valentin Clastrier & Romain Baudouin)
Workshop presentatie (weekend 2016)
Gilles Chabenat, Patrick Bouffard & German Diaz (afterparty weekend 2016)

Hurdy-gurdy for beginners - Cor Westbroek (NL)

Always wanted to play the hurdy-gurdy? This workshop is especially for people who never played the hurdy-gurdy before. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented and two weeks beforehand there is an introductory morning in which you will receive the rental instrument and the basic information needed to get started the first two weeks.
requirements: none, this is a beginners course
Listen to Cor:
• During a session at Chateau d'Ars
• During a session atChateau d'Ars with Maxou Heintzen

Bagpipe courses

These bagpipe courses are all about the French, Flemish or Low Lands pipes (tuned in g).

Bagpipe for more advanced players - Boris Trouplin (Fr)

"Let’s play… let’s play together… and let’s play music… and music for bagpipes!
This will be a workshop for G and D pipes music, including some focus on technical details. The workshop will be mainly based on some polyphonic musical materials dedicated to Center France bagpipes. Traditional pieces and more modern compositions will be used. We focus on different voices, riffs, melodies and drones parts. We look to the arrangements and do some improvisations on the tunes. During this workshop listening, memorization, rhythmic and tuning precisions will be further developed. Different technical points could be considered (fingering, ornamentation, pressure, etc.)"

Boris explores music with his pipes under the arm for more than 20 years now, first fascinated by its several continuous sounds, its animal puissance, and its link to traditional music and dances.
Performance, composition and arrangement in music for dance represent a large part of his band projects (MultiDelta, Boréale, Minuit Guibolles…).
In the same time he works with loop stations and mixing since 2004, and enlarges his influences with other musical backgrounds (electro, hip hop, electro-acoustic…), but keeping the bagpipes as an acoustic material. Adding steel drum, flutes, voice and combining various sounds samples, he now defines his work as a musician – DJ – soundscaper. In order to support the artistic practices of theatre, tales, qigong and improvised dances…

Listen to Boris Trouplin:
Boris Trouplin - Le Sourd aime huer
Boris Trouplin - Troisieme souffle
Boréale - cercle circassien
Boréale - maraîchineMultidelta - CaDansa 2016
Multidelta - Rond de Saint-Vincent

Bagpipe for (half)advanced players - Birgit Bornauw (Be)

Birgit will give a workshop for players who are no longer in the beginner stadium and are (half) advanced. He will work on technique and ornamentation and their applicability in several styles. Birgit Bornauw is a wellknown virtuoso bagpipe player form Belgium and she played in groups like Bon Matin, Transpiradansa or Griff. Lately she made a beautiful album "It's Baroque To My Ears" with her Duo Macke-Bornauw. Her talents and modesty make her an exceptional artist and much sought after international lecturer.
Listen to Birgit Bornauw:
It's Baroque To My Ears - The Hole In The Wall
Duo Macke-Bornauw + Marieke Van Ransbeeck - Eklunda polska
Griff Trio - ASTRAGU (documentaire)
Griff - Visur

Bagpipe for beginners: Wouter Kuyper (NL)

Always wanted to play the bagpipes? This workshop is especially for people who never played the bagpipes before. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented and two weeks beforehand there is an introductory morning in which you will receive the rental instrument and the basic information needed to get started the first two weeks.
requirements: none, this is a beginners course
Listen to Wouter Kuyper:
Wouter testing a pipe by Tetz Dudelsackbau
BmB - L'Impasse
BmB - Dejeuner sur l'herbe
BmB - highlights premiere Cadansa
Wouter testing a pipe by Tetz Dudelsackbau
De Vliering - Fredoline (Wouter plays at 1:39)
• On accordion with Lirio - Mazurka voor een mus
• On accordion with Wouter en de Draak - Gavotte de l'Aven

Other courses

Nyckelharpa - Didier Fr (Be)

Participants will taken a step further into nyckelharpa playing. During this course participants will examine for instance different playing techniques, styles and your position during playing. Didier will focus on old music, from the period of the Renaissance and baroque. He will use this music for the nyckelharpa with his own liberating interpretation, in which is also room for enough improvisations!

Didier collaberates with different musicians like Ulrika Boden, Lévon Minassian or Gilles Chabenat with whom he made an album with the voice of Gabriel Yacoub. He tours and teaches througout Europe.
Picking up different styles and techniques, Didier became well known for the feeling and the atmosphere he put's in his music. Listen to the music of Didier Francois:
Gilles Chabenat & Didier Francios
Didier François & Phillipe Malfeyt - I Gold Generation (at VPRO Vrije Geluiden)
Interview & Optreden at VPRO Vrije Geluiden
Didier François - "Suite, Robert de Visée" (bij de 12th International Days of the Nyckelharpa at castle Academy BURG FÜRSTENECK)
Didier François - J.S. Bach/ from: violin sonate nr 2 - Andante (BWV1003)

Singing course - La Jupette Barbue (Fr)

"Singing workshop, composing together.
Create a song to dance to, improvise together, beat the rhythm with your mouth… and sing! La Jupette Barbeu invites you to share their artistic and vocal universe.
The three of La Jupette offer you a playful research on the relationship of your voice to the body through singing exercises and vocal and body games. his will be done through the exploration of listening, rhythm and different resonators of the voice in the body. Along this workshop you will experience shared and interactive moments during which you will also learn several polyphonic songs or dancing songs."
La Jupette Barbue is a French a cappela trio which brings sung dancing music. Balfolk with just three voices. This trio contains Philippe Duval Lia Ausserré and Carine Fourcade. Together they sing with an energy and a drive, which lets everybody dance. Join them during this workshop.
Listen to La Jupette Barbue:
La Jupette Barbue - Le Son Continu 2017 (in Chateau D'Ars)
Les Métamorphoses - (Bourrée 2tps)
La Jupette Barbue - La Double Valse (Valse 3tps)
La Jupette Barbue - À La Douzaine (Cercle Circassien)

Diatonic accordeon - Aurélien Claranbaux (Fr)

Aurélien melts traditionals rhythms with jazz harmony and improvisation, with sensibility and personal phrasing. During this workshop, we'll focus on touch, phrasing and nuances. Based on some tunes received in advance (rondeau, Mazurka and scottish), we'll think about how to convey a better feeling of the melody, harmony and rhythms to the public.
requirements: This workshop is meant for the more advanced player with a G/C instrument

Self-taught since 1997, Aurélien Claranbaux oscillates between traditional tunes, compositions and improvisation, a trio that he mixes with ease. Drawing his influences from different horizons, such as dance music from the center of France or Brittany, as well as jazz, rock, rap, world music … He know how to keep the groove of traditional music in the background.
Thus, Aurélien puts his musical versatility at the service of your feet and ears. Let yourself be carried away in this unique journey, which will transport to this atypical world, and let you guide between melody, rhythm, improvisation, nuances, on sound of a surprising accordionist, always on the lookout for new sensibilities.
Listen to Aurélien Claranbaux
Duo Claranbaux & Geerinck
solo @ Raiz D'Aldeia 2012
Zef - Just Merlot Live
Zef - Dr Tree
Duo Absynthe

All instruments: Ensemble - Efrén López Sans (Sp)

This workshop is open for all instruments: violins, flutes, percussion, bass, guitars, cellos and all other instruments are welcome. This workshop will revolve around arrangements, harmony and how make music together. Expect a search for your role as a musician in the ensemble, how to play with this role and maybe to improvise.
entry requirements: Players are known with their instrument and are able to pick up tunes by hearing.
Efrén López Sans is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso from Valencia, Spain. He plays instruments like saz, hurdygurdy, guitar, laouto, qobuz, ud, rabab, percussions, etc. And he is strongly influence by Catalan and Valencian music. But also by European Medieval music, Greek, Iranian, Turkish traditions. Be challenged by this enthousiastic, energic and very friendly musician.
Listen to Efrén López Sanz:
Abracadabra - "Mavra froudia"
Hortus deliciarum
the III project - KOPANITSA
El fill del Llop (cd teaser)
ÇaLın DavuLLarı-Sabahın Seherinde (solo op gitaar)
the III project - KOPANITSA
Abracadabra - "Mavra froudia"
Ice Tree
Efrén López / Adrián Perales / Raül Bonell. Studio sessions 2016

All instruments: Playing Balfolk - Toon van Mierlo (Be)

This workshop is open for all instruments: violins, flutes, percussion, bass, guitars, cellos and all other instruments are welcome. This workshop will be about how to play for dancers. How do you add groove to your dancing tunes? And how play a tune so everyone start to dance? What is needed when you make an arrangement of balfolk-tunes? Etc.
entry requirements: Players are known with their instrument and are able to pick up tunes by hearing.
Toon van Mierlo is well known for playing in bands like Naragonia, Hot Griselda or Novar. He plays diatonic accordeon, saxophone, flutes and bagpipes. Beside an excellent musician, he is very popular teacher: no matter what kind of course he gives: accordeon, bagpipes, ensemble...students are always enthousiastic. So get ready to let Toon van Mierlo challenge you to spice up your dancing-tunes!
Listen to Toon van Mierlo:
with Naragonia
with Hot Griselda
with Novar


You are welcome to join us this weekend as a 'guest'. As a guest, you're welcome to stay with us the wole weekend, but you won't participate in the workshops. During the days there are for the guests one or two classrooms avaiable. When the sun is shining, we could go outside to make music in the beautiful woods of Sint-Michielsgestel.
But there is also lot's to do in the neighbourhood: we're in a beautiful forest, so you could walk or cycle through the woods. Pick your walking-route at We're also close to the nice city of Den Bosch, the boat tour underneath the city is great.