Conditions and annulation conditions

These are the conditions and the annulation conditions for the activities of the 'Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak' (our organisation: the Dutch Hurdy-gurdy and Bagpipe Foundation).

privacy and the use of your personal data

Which data do we store?
If this information of the participants is passed on to us, we will keep the following data: In the workshop administration
• First and last name
• Address and residence
• Date of birth
• Rental of instrument
• E-mail address and telephone number
• instrument and playing experience
• Meal preference: vegetarian / non-vegetarian
• Preferred room layout
• Other comments in the registration form that you provide

In our financial administration we keep:
• Data of your name/ adress.
• Bank account number
• financial transactions
• Which activity is intented.

In our newsletter administration
• First and last name
• E-mail address
On the Web
• We do not follow your internet behavior.
• During our activities their could be taken pictures of video's which might appear on our website or social media channels.
Use of these data:
• We provide the data (with the exception of legal obligations) not to third parties. For example, we are obliged to give your personal details and day of arrival to the overnight accommodation, if overnight stay is applicable at the workshop.
• We use the information you give us after registration to organize workshops. So we share your data and playing experience with the teacher, your name / city / e-mail on the carpool / participant list. In addition, we use the data to maintain contact with you about the workshops.
• Photos and video material where people can be identified easily can be published on the website, the newsletter and / or social media channels of our organisation (Stichting Draailier and Doedelzak).
• The data is stored at googledrive (workshop registration), mailchimp (newsletter), a privately programmed online accounting program (financial administration) or dropbox (archive and rental administration)

Permission for use of the data:
• When registering for a course, the above use of this data must be approved. We also process this permission in our administration.
Deleting the data:
• The data will be deleted at your request or if we cease to exist.
• This request can be made by e-mail to stating first and last name and place of residence


• The participant has a good instrument which is in a fine condition (or a rental instrument).
• The workshop which the participant has signed up for, has to be paid.
• We assume participants are informed of the level of requirements of the Workshop they like to subscribe to and we assume participants know their own level of play or experience. In consultation with the teacher and the participant it's possible to place the participant in another group. This happens only in good consultation.
• Pets are not allowed at the workshoplocation
• During the workshops, presentations or at the workshop location it is possible that there will be taking pictures or video's. It's possible these pictures or video's are published on our website or other media.
• participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied in a course including overnight stay by an adult participant who takes responsibility for the participant younger than 16. Participation in the same workshop is not necessary.
• If a student can not be classified because there are more registrations for a workshop than available places, the student is placed on a waiting list and replaced to the workshop of his or her second choice.
• If a workshop is canceled (for example due to a low number of registrations or the teacher has to cancel for some reason), the course participant is replaced into the workshop of his or her second choice.
• If a workshop is canceled or is already full and the participant has not given a second choice, we will discuss with the participant whether there is still a second choice, or whether the participant wants a refund if the fee for the course is already paid by the participant.

Annulation conditions

What happens when you are unable to attend an activity due to unexpected circumstances?

- When the cancelation takes place 4 weeks in advance the whole amount is repaid.
- When the cancelation takes place after 4 weeks and before two weeks of the activity 50% will be refunded.
- In all other situations restitution cannot take place. Only when the participant finds a replacement for his spot restitution can take place. If the course includes an introduction day, the introduction day is counted as the beginning of the activity
- When a participant cannot be grouped according his wishes, because of more applications than available places, the participant will be grouped into the workshop of his second choice.
- When an activity is cancelled by the organisation due to too few applications the participant will also be grouped in the activity of his second choice.

Cancellations can be send to